Wonton Noodle Soup

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 Est. Prep time: < 30 minutes (If using 1 pot)

Serves: 2


Options Available:

  • Original
  • Kale Noodles
  • No Wontons (Just soup, noodles, and vegetables)

To save time, you may use 2 pots. Step 3  has all the instructions for the second pot (which you can cook simultaneously with the first pot). Otherwise, you can follow the recipe as usual.

Step One

Boil 4 cups of water in a pot, gently add Wontons (#1), and stir gently to prevent the wontons from sticking to the bottom (or each other). Cover the first pot again and wait for the water to boil, then stir it around once more. Once the Wontons are floating, keep cooking for 1 more minute, then take wontons out and into the bowl(s) you are serving. Do not dump the water you used to boil the wontons. 

Step Two

Add a few drops of vegetable oil (optional) to the water you just cooked wontons in, and add Baby Bok Choy (#2) and boil for 1 minute, then turn off heat. Add Chopped Green Onion (#3), Soup Base (#4), Sesame Oil (#5) and stir until the everything is evenly mixed in. If you are not using a second pot, portion out the contents of the first pot into their serving dishes.                         

Step Three

Boil another 5 cups of water, and add Noodles (#6) to the boiling water in the pot (If you are using a second pot, this should be happening simultaneously with Step 1 and 2), and stir to loosen them up and keep them from sticking to each other. Cover the pot, and wait for the water start to boiling again, then add 1 cup of cold water. Once the water starts visibly moving again, take the noodles out and put them into the soup bowl on top of the wontons (you can use a noodle strainer to ease this process). If you were using a second pot, pour soup with all vegetables made from Step 2 (in the first pot) into the bowl and enjoy!